ICI offers a turnkey product development solution featuring a team of experts who will nurture your idea.


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If you have an idea for a new, innovative product, ICI USA, LLC can turn your thought into a reality. The product development process can be daunting to those unfamiliar with it, but we have extensive knowledge of the process to guide and support you step-by-step. ICI offers a turnkey product development solution, operating as an extension of your organization. From the patent search to design, modeling, analysis and optimization, prototyping, hardware procurement and testing, our diverse and knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure your new product is optimized to meet market demands.

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From our manufacturers in Asia and India to your doorstep, we can manage all or any part of your global logistics supply chain. With offices in the US and Asia, ICI will interact with customs agents on both sides of the pacific to ensure that your goods arrive as expected and ready to sell.

We listen, so that we can offer you a full logistics management service to meet your unique business needs. Our experts allow you to focus on your core business while we navigate the complex system of compliance, customs and border security. Whether it's air and ocean freight, marine insurance or customs clearance, our international team has the capability and expertise to distribute your product around the globe.

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From inception to completion the product development process can be daunting and complex. The experts at ICI will manage your project start to finish, to provide you the greatest opportunity for success. Our team of world-class professionals includes graphic and industrial designers, production engineers, manufacturing and material specialists, and product managers. Our staff in both the US and Asia will collaborate to ensure the smoothest possible product development cycle.

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Regulatory compliance is an increasingly complex part of any new product launch. In this dynamic regulatory environment ICI is your partner to ensure that you know of any and all product compliance or testing requirements early in the process. But compliance is about more than just legal regulations. It is also about your business and exceeding customers' expectations. ICI has its own quality assurance and quality control personnel in China to be certain that your products are being produced to match specified requirements. Our staff will be present for all stages of development and production of your product to be certain that we know firsthand about any problems as they arise, and solve them before they become issues. To ensure we satisfy stringent global regulations, product procured offshore is reviewed by a third-party testing agency so product compliance is met regardless of where the item will be shipped.

At ICI, we've implemented supplier qualification with the goal of ensuring that the facilities operated by our vendors adhere to a high degree of ethical labor standards.

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ICI is your sourcing partner in Asia. Our wealth of development and manufacturing relationships in Asia is based on twenty years of working together, at the source. ICI owned buying offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen gives us a strategic advantage by allowing close monitoring of raw material price fluctuations and changes in the trade environment.

Our philosophy to invest in long-term relationships results in ICI being able to provide a network of the most highly qualified manufacturing facilities in the world. We have a collection of very reliable sources to give our clients access to a wide variety of production processes, raw materials and material compositions. ICI's philosophy is to seek partners who share our commitment to quality, safe products and ethical business principles. We strive to make certain the goods we procure are made in compliance with applicable laws and encourage our suppliers to proactively initiate ways to continue being environmentally responsible. To learn more about ICI's buying and sourcing strengths please email sales@ici-usa.net.

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